Are you in?

People are hurting right now. Glory Fist has arrived to help bring America back to the superstar he once was. Glory Fist is not here to entertain, we’re here to change the world. With your help, we can join forces and start a revolution of rock and roll and make America Loud and Proud once again. Are you in?

8 thoughts on “Are you in?

  1. I love Glory Fist…. I am a regular in porn movies and was wondering if Rex has any desire for a leading role? Can you say money shot?

    • Rex commends all the hardworking men and women of the porn industry that helps this strong nation stay proud.
      Years ago, Rex considered porn for a short time. But as soon as the band started taking off, he knew that he could more effectively help women achieve true orgasms with his stage presence and silky vocals.

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