Rex searches for the answer.

In the beginning, REX Thunder was born and raised in Redlands, California in this grand land we call The United States Of America. His father repaired Harley-Davidson motorcycles and road in the Hell’s Angels. After some trouble with the law, he took REX with him on his harley and rode all over America. His dad exposed REX to this great country, rock music and Jack Daniels. Some of the music REX grew up with was Night Ranger, Asia, .38 Special, and Sammy Haggar. The first great American concert he saw was Survivor. This is when REX’s whole life changed. His dad told him after the concert “These bands were the only thing holding America together” and without this great music many would lose the “American Dream.” That same night his dad rode off and REX never saw him again. It hit REX like a brick wall and he knew right then and there, he would carry on his dad’s wishes and bring back rock music the only way it should be played.

A few years later, REX met Frank, Jonny, and Austin at the Skoal Bandits© monster truck show in Needles, California. This was the the training grounds of GLORY FIST and a few weeks later they added Lincoln Hawke on keyboards to complete The signature GF sound. GF’s mission is to help you attain your true potential and to make all of your dreams come true. Whether you’re training for the Olympics, trying to lose weight, or searching for Jesus, everyone needs to raise their Glory Fist when victory is achieved!

Help spread the word of GLORY FIST! On November 10, 2010, the album NUMERO UNO debuted #96 on Billboard’s Hot Internet download Chart and started their ride to victory.

ATTENTION FILM MAKERS! GF is currently looking for song placement in films where the story resembles this: a man from a small blue collar town rises up from nothing, learns a new sport and wins in the end, also falls in love.