The new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco as a training supplement.

When Mexico introduced their latest creation to America, The Doritos Locos Taco, Rex’s trainer EARL FLEX inserted the supplement into Rex’s rigorous training regimen after Rex demanded it. The results have been fabulous, and it’s Rex’s secret weapon to body victory!

But when Mexico announced the new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco is coming soon to America, Earl didn’t waste any time and started researching the the new carb free training supplement. “The cool ranch taco is loaded with clean high protein and it’s the perfect muscle building Flexobolic© nutrition formula for Rex” says Earl.

Earl told us that Rex eats 6 tacos pre-workout, and 2 tacos post-workout. “I have Rex eat the tacos really fast and then drink a Coors Extra Gold just to take the edge off his taco rage which helps digest the tacos quickly so the protein turns into muscle, because if you wait too long that protein turns to fat.”
Rex told us “I can’t wait to integrate the Cool Ranch Tacos into my training diet. Earl Flex says it’s got more protein and the Ranch flavor makes you want to win it all.”
But the taco training diet does come with a few drawbacks. “For this to work, Rex will have to slow down on his pre-workout training snacks: the cream cheese won tons. There’s just too much clean protein which could unbalance Rex’s workout formula. There is a lot of sweat, tears, and science involved in Rex’s winning figure, and one wrong diet move could take years to correct” says Earl.



2 thoughts on “The new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco as a training supplement.

  1. Dear Rex,
    I am interested in getting my nephews and my daughters on a training regimen that involves muscle-building for their inevitable rise to stardom. Do you or your trainer recommend Cool Ranch Doritos tacos for kids? Also, are you aware of any children’s vitamin supplements that don’t taste like Flintstones?

    Thanks for your time and diligence,

    • Rage,

      Rex works the front counter part-time at the Redlands Fitness Center, so he knows everything about obtaining true potential in your mind and body. Rex recommends that the kids start out on a daily cheese quesadilla diet for 2 weeks called the “Rex-a-dilla diet”. The secret is in the cheese. Mexican cheese (derived from the ancient Mayans) has the most protein and “power” enrichment of all meltable cheeses. The hot sauce can replace those kiddy vitamins since the hot sauce has the fire element and will help the child clear their mind and take charge. After 2 weeks of the “Rex-a-dilla” diet, these kids are ready to kick it up a notch and graduate to the Doritos Tacos. Start out with 2 tacos before school (be sure to take out the meat because the meat cancels out the pure protein from the taco shell), 2 rex-a-dillas at lunch, and a Big Gulp Dr. Pepper after school to help streamline the muscle building enrichment. This kid will be ready to rock. When they get home have them do some finger exercises by playing some WWF wrestling video games (or they can just sit and watch the Olympics on TV this summer), that will burn off those unused calories. Goodluck, and keep America the fittest country in the world!

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