Rex and pet hawk Jenny reflecting in Redlands, CA.

We are a working class band from the eighties still trying to make our dreams into a reality…And get laid.

Lead singer and band leader of Glory Fist: Rex Thunder.

You got the look and know what to do.

You might not win every game, but looking good when losing sends a powerful message to your competitors. Glory Fist is more than just a band: It’s an attitude, a look, a strange feeling in your pants. It’s time to grab the mic, rev that engine, because once you got the look, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Exclusive Lost Interviews! Rex’s dad’s stripper ex-girlfriend “Dawn” found a box of old vhs tapes in her garage! She was going to throw them away. Ding Dawn!

Creating a Presence

The local mall is a vast place, and it can be hard to stick out from the crowd. You have to take risks in life and try things you’ve never done before to be a star. Once you get the Fist inside you, and imitate Rex’s signature movesĀ©, you will scream for Glory to stand out and be the man (or the woman) you’ve always wanted to be.

Working Together

Teamwork starts and ends with the lead singer and sole songwriter: Rex Thunder. Now and then Rex likes to recognize that it’s not just himself but also his great ideas that made Glory Fist famous. Supporting cast members are drummer Austin Velvet, keyboardist Lincoln Hawke, Bass player J-Lawrence, and guitarist Frank Leone. They are the wing-men that puts Rex centerstage to take the Glory. To summarize, Rex Thunder is the GLORY FIS and the rest of the band is the T (for team) and that makes up GLORY FIST. Also, Austin Velvet did not come up with the line “Eagle That Cries”. Yep you guessed it, that was Rex! See video HERE.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Rex’s idea for a music video was ten years in the making! He thought it would be a great promo vehicle to show the ladies his moves. The hard part was saving up the money to rent the 2 Trans-Ams showcased in the video. While Rex went on a taco diet and trained in the gym for 2 years straight, the band worked lots of part time jobs at the local Chinese restaurant (washing dishes, cleaning out trash cans, etc) to pay for this video. So don’t ever sell yourself short, because if Glory Fist can make it happen, so can you.

Song: Ready For Primetime. Directed by Mr. Fantastic, Douglas Cheney.