5 Simple Tips for Fitness Success

  • Rexercise once a week but don’t overdo it. Play it cool and listen to your body. If it tells you to lay off a few days, watch a movie on the couch or take a nap and dream of getting fit. It will come together on it’s own.
  • Eat the Right Foods and Portion-size each Meal. Go big or go home and order take out! Rex recommends to focus on the protein uploads group like beef chimichangas, chow mein noodles, and hearty Chicago style pizza.
  • You’re the boss so don’t keep track of calories and food intake per day. That’s for geeks and nerds and pansy salad eaters. Your hunger voice will tell you what to do. Just kick back and let your mind do the hard work.
  • Sleep is for pussies and wussies. While your competition is sleeping, you’re hard at work flexing in the mirror, shadowboxing, or cruising down the strip looking for broads.
  • Stay Motivated…up to a point. Look, don’t think too hard about this one. Sometimes you might get a little depressed and not come outside the house for a few weeks, gain 50 pounds, and then get lost in Bakersfield during a whiskey and cocaine bender. it happens to everyone. What the competition don’t know is that a cinderella storyline always has a comeback. So get ready for primetime.
  • The muchachas aren’t attracted to skinny guys. There I said it. You think they want to get in bed with a guy that weighs less than them? Hell no!

(Fitness tips from Rex’s trainer: Earl Flex)

Earl Flex Training Presents Form And Function: Part 4 CURL BLASTS (┬ęBy Rex Thunder). Hey Bros! Tons of bad form out there so let’s get my patented CURL BLASTS on. This is the killer way to not only get your biceps rocking but to max out your shoulder and hip thrusts which translates to a stronger body! Remember let your back do the work. See you in the gym bros!


BEFORE: When Rex was younger and didn’t know shit.
AFTER: Rex diligently working out at his private lanes.